The Gospel Project Printable Bible Study Guide

This Gospel Project is a chronological Bible study designed to show Jesus Christ as the center of God’s plan of redemption. It covers all of Scripture and examines each passage as a testimony to Christ. The guide is divided into three parts: the daily discipleship guide, the daily devotional guide, and the book of Acts. The guide outlines the entire Bible’s story and reveals the purpose and mission of God. The guide is also available in large print.

Daily Discipleship Guide – Large Print

Whether you’re new to Christian living or you need a daily reminder to stay on track with your spiritual life, the Gospel Project Daily Discipleship Guide can help. With daily reading suggestions and Bible study tips, the Daily Discipleship Guide will equip you with more about God’s Story. It’s the perfect companion for daily Bible study. Whether you’re a visual learner or have trouble reading small print, the Daily Discipleship Guide is just what you need.

This devotional is available in both large print and regular print. It contains a daily Bible reading plan, a personal study guide, and a devotional that offers reflection and prayer prompts. There’s also a Small Group Participant’s Guide, which provides a daily devotional aimed at small groups. It corresponds to the SG Teaching Outline forms in the Adult Lesson Guide.

New volumes released every three months

If you are looking for a way to help your kids learn the Bible, The Gospel Project is a great option. New volumes are released every three months, so you can easily follow along with the study plan on your computer or print the Bible materials. You can also use optional worship hour resources to help children learn about worship and prayer. The Bible study plans are available in print or online, and you can try out the first unit before committing.

Previous volumes available until replaced in new cycle

You can download previous volumes of The Gospel Project until the new cycle begins. New volumes of The Gospel Project are released every three months. The current study cycle runs from 2019 to 2021, and previous volumes are available until they are replaced. The following table shows you how to download the previous volumes. You can also reset the schedule by selecting the “reset” option. To download the previous volumes, click “Download.”


Children have short attention spans, with an average of about two minutes per year. Therefore, presenting material in a brief manner is best. Gospel Project has created educational resources that help you effectively teach your kids the story of Jesus Christ. Download the free Gospel Project resources to your computer. To download them, you must register or log in to the Gospel Project website. There are two types of Gospel Project resources: Older kids and Preschoolers.

Sample chapters

The Gospel Project is a Bible study guide that shows you the importance of reading the Bible. This study guide is intended for people of all ages and is meant to unite the whole church in studying God’s Word. With sample chapters and a detailed explanation of the text, you’ll be able to learn from the Bible. Here are a few of the benefits of this study guide. And don’t worry – there are also many other Bible study guides out there.

The Gospel Project is designed for Sunday School teachers, small group leaders, and pastors who are trying to teach children and teens about God’s grace. It is available in pdf format and includes an Adult Leader Guide and Personal Study Guide for Students. The curriculum is also accompanied by a video introduction. To help you decide which of the four books to purchase, you can also see sample chapters of the three books. You can also see how these four different levels of the curriculum relate to one another.

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