How To Write A Petition Format

A petition is a formal written request, usually signed by multiple people that speak to a particular cause. It is a call to action asking for a solution from a higher power like a court or the United States of America Congress. While people have seen a petition, many people do not know how to write a petition format? Petitions are used to bring a solution to a world or community issue that has gone unresolved usually for a long period of time. A petition has two parts that include the content and signatures. Read on to discover how to write an effective petition.

The Content of The Petition

The content must have the petition’s title, your target’s name, a description of the cause needing an immediate solution and a call to action, Each piece is important when sending your petition to hundreds of people to sign. The title tells the subject matter of the petition. Choose a title that focuses on the problem and a solution. Your target’s name lets people know who you are petitioning. A description is the main body of the petition. It gives a summary of the main points/issues and the importance of bringing a solution. And finally a call to action prompting people to get involved and sign the petition for a higher power to resolve the issue.


Getting people’s signatures on a petition is the most important part. It tells the courts and other higher powers who are called to resolve the issue that I am not alone. The more signatures, the more power behind the petition. Many petitioners send the document to an email list. People believing in the issue and wanting to see a solution can auto sign. Some petitioners go door to door asking people to sign a petition. Others stand outside in large parking lots of grocery stores, parks or wherever massive amounts of people congregate to get signatures.

Formatting the Petition With The Addressee’s Name, Sender’s Name, Salutation s And Sign Off

Getting the addressee’s information is important to have the petition sent to the correct persons. It is key to ensure the addresses or email addresses are correct to document and track the people involved in the signing and solution the petition.

The sender’s name will be needed to know who is sending the petition. Usually a sender will be the Director or person in charge of organizing the call to action..

Salutations are important because it allows you to say Hello or Thank you. Expressive words that give the petitioner a chance to be personal and let people know they are appreciated. It is a greeting letting people know of their arrival or departure.

The sign off shows the end of something in the petition.

This is a tip on how to write a petition format? A petition must have content, signatures, the addressee’s name, sender’s name, salutations and a sign off. If you are new to writing a petition, you may want to ask an experienced petitioner writer to help you the first time. Make sure the body of your petition is engaging and tells the reader the issues and why a signature is needed.

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