How to Write A petition for divorce

A divorce petition an official complaint that is technically put together by spouse with the aid of a lawyer. The divorce petition is then filed with the divorce court and then served on the other spouse. To write a divorce petition there are a number of very important details that must be included in the petition to help in the court process of the case. The details include:

Cause number

It is usually at the top of the petition and it is written by the clerk’s office together with the court number when the petition is filed.

Declaration of the matter together with children in the marriage

It generally declares the petitioner, the respondent, the court number, county and district of the court and a list of the children in this marriage who are under eighteen.


This is where full information about the petitioner and the responded are recorded. It includes details such as the full names, the last three numbers of their driving license if they used to drive and the last three numbers of their social security.


Entails details of the country in which the spouse is living. The spouse must have lived in this country for the last 90 days.

Marriage, separation and grounds for divorce

It contains information about when the marriage started and when it stopping (including month, days and year).


It contains a list of all the children that this couple has had throughout all this time they have been together.



Contains information about the property that the spouses have. The property might be the community property which they own together and the separate property which they own individually.

Protective order

This is a form that must be attached and is important in that it protects the petitioner from any form of harassment or abuse within a fixed amount of time as the court process continues.

Family information

Contains family information which include: the family phone number, address, social security number and even the driving license number.

Name change

Contains information that involves change of names from what they had before to what the spouses want now.

Notice to the other spouse

Contains information that requires you to inform the other spouse that you have filed the petition.


Contains information that requests the court to grant you divorce and other orders that you have made.