Petition Letter Types


Petition letter types vary in terms of purpose and style. Some types of petitions include letters of administration and special administration. The letter must be legible, so it should not use fancy fonts. Use a simple, legible font and use a size appropriate for the size of the paper. You can even print the letter on the envelope, adding a nice visual effect. Petition letters should be void of personal attacks, foul language, or hostile language. The tone should be polite, and it must be remembered that this is a request, not an order.

Petition for Letters of Administration

To file a Petition for Letters of Administration, the interested party must file an initial filing fee and complete a detailed form. The petition must list all the heirs of the deceased, including their names, addresses, and ages. In addition, the petition must state the deceased’s relationship to each heir. The Court then reviews the petition for errors and schedules a hearing to hear the case. If the petition is accepted, the executor is assigned the authority to administer the estate.

In some cases, petitioners have the right to be appointed as interim administrators. However, temporary letters of administration are subject to the requirements of O.C.G.A. SS 53-6-30 et seq., which makes it difficult to act on an executor’s behalf. As such, it is best to select an executor or administrator immediately. There is a time limit on this process, so be sure to plan ahead.

A limited Petition for Letters of Administration may be filed in lieu of a full petition. This option allows an individual to assume certain functions as executor, but it is only available to parties with a greater interest in the estate. It can be used for estate-related urgent matters, such as the commencement of a lawsuit, or the investigation of fraud or theft. The petitioner must notify the interested parties and submit supporting documents. Applicants for limited Letters of Administration are likely to be required to explain why they need limited Letters of Administration and their qualifications to serve as executors.

Petition for Letters of Special Administration

A Petition for Letters of Special Administration is a legal document used to appoint a person to manage an estate if the decedent has not left a will. The petitioner is a person who needs to appoint an administrator quickly for various reasons, such as protecting assets from creditors. The petition also requests permission from the court to carry out specific limited acts on behalf of the estate.

This procedure is often necessary where the deceased left behind a significant amount of property or a need to manage a business or rental property. The personal representative can enter a property that the deceased party has denied access to, discuss emergency financial matters with creditors and mortgage companies, or initiate a lawsuit on the Decedent’s behalf. Petitioning for Letters of Special Administration is different from general probate in that it involves an ex parte hearing that occurs before a judge. Each county has its own rules for holding these hearings.

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