Metabolic Cooking Review (Updated in 2023)

The time has finally come, tonight at 12 midnight the long awaited fat loss cook book Metabolic Cooking will be made available to the public. On this page you will get the absolute best review of this revolutionary fat loss cook book. Here are a few things you will learn below:

  • Who Is this Cookbook made for?
  • Who Exactly is Dave Ruel And Karine Losier?
  • What REcipes are included?
  • The Pros and Cons of this Cook Book?

What Type Of Person Is Metabolic Cooking Made For

This is a step step easy to follow recipe guide that is made for those folks who dont want to spend alot of time in the kitchen and like pre planned out recipes and meal guides to save time and actually taste good. I personally like Metabolic cooking for the simple fact is that it is incredibly easy to duplicate each recipe Dave has laid out in the book. I myself am a terrible cook and I was able to make and enjoy several of the tasty recipe Dave and Karine lay out in the program, I was even Able to impress a few girls with my cooking skills too 🙂 . Bottom line is, if you like simple and easy to follow recipes this is for you.

Who Are Dave Ruel And Karine Losier?

Dave is a former competitive bodybuilder and a current wizard in the art of culinary fat loss meal creation. Dave jumped onto the muscle building scene a little over a year ago with the creation of Anabolic Cooking, a cook book full of muscle building recipes.

Karine Losier, is Dave’s better half 🙂 and partner in the creation of Metabolic Cooking, Karine holds a masters degree in psychology as well as being a incredibly good cook. The 2 of them together bring a different aspect to fat loss due to Karines ability to really see the mental challenges people face when over coming fat loss plateaus. The both of them together have really out done themselves in creating an awesome product.

What Kind Of Recipes Are included?

I could have written out all the delicious recipes Dave and Karine have decided to include with Metabolic Cooking but I thought a little behind the scenes video of the product would be of more benefit to you…


Simple easy to follow Recipes
Very tasty meals that are simple to prepare
Will work if your a vegetarian or meat eater
Will help you save money and become a great cook
Will help you strip fat off at a rapid pace
Full time customer support
60 day no questions asked refund policy


Some recipes require the use of protein powder, which you should have in your house anyway.
No emphasis on a full time workout program to follow, this is key in losing unwanted fat.
All in all I honestly say Metabolic Cooking is a must have for anyone interested in staying in shape or losing alot of fat. Metabolic Cooking is a recipe book that should be on shelves everywhere to help people eat for fat loss and to maintain lean physiques year round.