A Printable Bible Lesson on the Final Days of Jesus’ Ministry

This printable Bible lesson deals with the events that happened during the final days of Jesus’ ministry. This includes the event when the Holy Spirit came and empowered the disciples, forming the early church. Two of Jesus’ Disciples, Peter and John, became the leaders of the fledgling group of Jesus Followers. In this lesson, your children will gain a better understanding of a few key points. As an added bonus, you can download a free Bible activity to accompany this lesson!

Children learn about God’s protection

Children learn about God’s protection in this lesson, which starts in the Bible. God protects His people throughout the Bible. For example, during the time when God’s people were enslaved in Egypt, Pharaoh feared that they might revolt. Fortunately, God protected His people. The Israelites were freed and renamed Israel. Pharaoh feared that the Israelites would revolt, but God’s people never had to go through all that.

In this Bible lesson for kids, children learn about God’s protection during the time when Moses was in captivity. God protected him because He had big plans for him. To help kids remember the lesson, introduce motions and actions related to the Bible stories. For example, when you tell your kids the word PROTECTS, for example, they might cover their fingers with the other hand. Once they learn that God protected Moses, they can use that word when they need it.

In this lesson, children learn about God’s protection by performing an activity to help the Israelites protect the innocent. This activity teaches children that the God protects them and helps them protect the people they love. This free Sunday school craft is a fun way to teach kids about the role of the Holy Spirit. Kids will love building their own Biblical armor as they color a Roman soldier. Afterwards, they will use the armor pieces to match the verses from Ephesians 6:10-17. Moreover, the memory verses will keep them occupied while learning the lesson.

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God’s timing is perfect

If you’re suffering from some kind of situation, the timing of God is always perfect. Take, for example, Esther 7 and her request to the king and Haman. We can see how the Holy Spirit’s request brought about God’s plan, which was ultimately fulfilled. It’s no surprise that this story has inspired so many Bible studies over the years. In fact, it’s one of the most widely read.

Many biblical stories exalt the timing of God. Jacob waited seven years to marry Rachel, Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses, Nathan confronted David, Jonah got the big fish, Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, and Jesus came in the fullness of time. These examples illustrate God’s perfect timing in many different contexts. This lesson is especially important in our current culture, when rushing to finish projects is frowned upon and rushed.

If you don’t understand why God allows you to wait, remember that He’s the one who’s making sure everything works out right. His word has never failed to keep its promises and he doesn’t want anyone to suffer. He wants us to come to repentance, and He’s extending His grace to us while we wait. God’s timing is perfect, and we can trust Him to do what he promised us.

God’s protection

The Bible says that God’s protection is a promise of His. He watches over those He has commissioned to carry out His work and to be a witness to Him. Examples of how God protected His servants throughout the Bible include Job and David. Even though Job suffered numerous trials at the hands of Satan, God’s protection kept him from greater harm, affliction, or faith. Job understood the power of God’s protection.

In Psalm 91, the psalmist pictures himself tucked into God’s protective cover. He dwells within God’s protection and uses four names of God to express his gratitude for the divine care. Ultimately, the psalmist praises God’s protection as the greatest blessing he has ever received. This verse has much more meaning than you may think. If you are suffering from a severe illness, remember that God is always with you.

The promise of God’s protection is conditional and can only be realized when you draw near to Him. The wilderness used to have towers where people would seek refuge if they were in danger. Similarly, the name of God is a refuge for those who seek refuge in it. However, finding refuge in the name of God requires more than repeating its names. It requires knowing and trusting God’s righteous standards.

Faith can protect you not just during times of trial, but throughout all of life. It is essential to have complete faith that turns you towards the Divine, and that all else turns you away. Faith in God’s protection is absolute peace. The protection of the Divine is only possible when you fully surrender yourself to the divine, and you must have total surrender to be completely protected. In order to experience this protection, you must accept the Divine’s will as true and perfect.

God’s protection is a vital Sunday School lesson

The biblical story of Moses shows how God protected His people. Moses was a young boy enslaved in Egypt. The Pharaoh was worried that the people would revolt, and God stepped in to keep the people safe. God’s people were enslaved in Egypt because they were too many to count and so he feared that they would revolt. He protected them by sending Moses and Aaron to the desert.

One way to show kids that God protects them is to use a simple memory verse. “God loves a joyful heart,” he says. “He won’t abandon His people.” Then, use motions or actions to teach this important lesson. For example, while saying “GOD PROTECTS ME,” he might cover the fingers of the other hand with His hand. The other children should do the same.